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Liberty, Constitution and Rule of Law

             We are a group of concerned citizens in Van Zandt
            County who have joined together to express our
        commitment to a group of core values which include:

                   1) limited government,

                       2) fiscal responsibility,

                       3) personal responsibility

                       4) THE CONSTITUTION
                                (the rule of Law)

5) national sovereignty

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Meetings are usually the 2nd Monday of Each Month
The Canton and Edom Tea Party Patriots are joining up to meet together
and share speakers. One month it will be in Canton and the next month
it will be in Edom. Check Back here to mark your calendar!

Don't forget to exercise your right to vote. Our conservative values
should be expressed with our vote. Haven't heard much about
the Tea Party in the current Presidential campaigns. Here is
an excellent article on why:

"What Happened to the Tea Party by Kent Kellar"

Worried about Agenda 21, Environmentalism, Climate
Change and how we are losing this country to
liberals who use these issues to take away our rights?
Check out this lengthy article by Tom Deweese about
why we need a
Third American Revolution and
when the
Second American Revolution was that you might
have not recognized it. Hint: The young leaders of
the Second Revolution are in government positions
of authority in today's troubled America!...

Newest Feature: "SoapBox", Thoughts to share with
Conservative Friends. 3rd installment is regarding:

"Transgender Tyranny..,Bankrupt the Bullies at Target"

If you want to share your thoughts on the Soapbox, run your idea past
Lamar and Jerry and see what they think. Please keep in mind
this site is a "family friendly" and write things suitable
for Christian friends to read and share.


Canton's Past Tea Party President, Bob Hall, is now
representing us in Austin the the Senate.
For this reason, there are now Co-Chairs to presiding over our Canton Club...
Lamar Cossey & Jerry Trollinger. We appreciate them accepting this responsibility!

If you are not already on our email list, feel free to use the form below to
start getting our emails from the Canton Tea Party:


Special Notice.  Please watch these videos and send them to your
friends.  They are too important to miss!
Agenda 21 is on the current events page, very urgent!

Agenda 21 Video Links


     Contact Information

Postal address
P.O. Box 1015 Canton, TX 75103
Electronic mail
General Information:


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